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Body Lovin Guide


Introducing “THE BODY LOVIN’ GUIDE – Your road to wellness from the inside out”

Begin a life of body lovin’  and wellness today!

*Note: The online shop is undergoing maintenance and purchase of the eBook is temporarily unavailable. Send us an email and we’ll alert you as soon as it’s the maintenance is finished.

Throughout my body image and wellness journey I’ve been asked a lot of questions. How did you learn to love your body? What do you put in your green smoothies? Where do you get all your energy from? What motivates you?  The Body Lovin’ Guide is the answer to all of your questions.

I am a regular every day mum of 3 children who has the energy of a rocket and more optimism than I know what to do with. Life is bloody brilliant and I want you to feel the same.  I truly love women, I think we have many remarkable qualities but I also think that too often we allow our minds to sideline us from being where we want to be. That is until now, I am ready to give you a gentle yet firm encouraging push in the direction of your goals and dreams, because life is too short to be feeling anything less than fabulous!

So what is the Body Lovin’ Guide?

The guide is a 50-page digital e-book available only as a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. After purchase, you can download the file to read on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or laptop.

Return Policy: There are no returns & no refunds – no exceptions.

A negative perception of our own body is both destructive and unhealthy and can result in a damaged sense of self, or poor self esteem. So the message here is – accept your body.


Follow the strategies in this guide and you will have:

• Energy to burn ( like a ROCKET!)
• Less inflammation
• Increased immunity
• Mental clarity
• More confidence
• More stamina
• More reasons to smile!


Here’s what’s included… 

  • My personal story from a body loathing individual to a dinner plate wearing and body lovin’ wellness advocate
  • Fuel and Nourish your body regularly – why eating 5 times a day will have you feeling like a rocket
  • How to set goals and achieve them!
  • Learn to accept your body, by removing the “I hate my body” chip and replacing it with the ” I love my body” chip!
  • Learn why you think the way you think and how you can tweak your thinking to get the outcomes you want in life
  • How to stay motivated and strategies on preventing the wheels from coming off

And the best thing about purchasing this book is you receive FREE access to a private online support group “BODY LOVIN’ GUIDE COMMUNITY” via Facebook.

We want to be able to support you throughout your wellness journey and  ensure that you never feel alone.  On this page you will find regular updates including recipes, nutrition advice, goal setting and motivational guidance. You are also given the opportunity (if you wish) to communicate with like-minded people, each on their own journey of wellness. The Body Lovin’ Community was  set up so no one ever feels like they’re doing it alone, we are here for you!

Join me and the Body Image Movement team and make 2014 a year to remember!