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 Update: The Film has now been fully funded – thank you for your generous support.


They say money doesn’t grow on trees. And well, neither do documentaries!

embrace-movieThey are born from great ideas, often unimaginable ideas, and blossom into powerful pieces of film through hard work, passion, determination and most of all, belief in the subject matter.

Nothing truer could be said about Embrace, the brainchild of Body Image Movement founder Taryn Brumfitt. From body loather to body lover, Taryn has set her sights on creating global change in the way people feel about their bodies by sharing not only her journey, but also that of inspiring and motivational people from across the globe.

However back to growing on trees … we assume you know where we’re going with this!

In order for us to make Embrace, we have so far relied on the contributions of those like yourself who support the work Body Image Movement do and believe wholeheartedly in the worldwide value a piece of cinema such as this presents.

Through successful crowd funding, we have been able to travel to Europe, the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and the Dominican Republic extracting every bit of body lovin’ goodness possible from the communities we’ve shot footage in to bring you a truly global documentary.

We’ve slept on the couches of friends, have shared beds whilst travelling and have slept in rat infested hotels (true story!) in the name of being super frugal with our Kickstarter funds however we’re about to enter the most expensive stage of production … and our money tree’s branches are short on leaves.

Post-production is an expensive beast so if you are in support of the Body Image Movement and instilling the belief in this generation and those to come that everyone deserves the right to feel beautiful regardless of shape, size or ability, NOW is the time to dig deep.

In order to make Embrace the best documentary it can be, any additional funds we receive will go directly to the purchasing of music rights, sound mixing, visual and digital effects and editing suite hire.

Any contribution you can make, big or small, would be heartfeltly welcomed and greatly appreciated. Together we can create global change. Embrace today.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can check it out below.

  • Sandra Neville

    Such an honest and uplifting doco – should be compulsory viewing for everyone! Thanks Taryn.

  • Antonia

    Sorry I was disappointed. Such a long doco and didn’t go into men’s expectations of women. Media are not fully at fault. Porn… another demon. Middle aged men that want their wives to still look like they did at 30. If u don’t look girly men discard you. I was 49kg when I met my current partner of 5yrs and still got the pinch test. Now I’m 10kg heavier and we have sex every 4months. Porn. Model mayhem. Flickr etc. And he used to photograph Stefania Ferrario. So I don’t understand her role in this movie. She has no body hang ups. Just search internet for hundreds of full frontal nudity. This movie did not accomplish what it advertised.