• Maura

    You are an inspiration in this world. Not just putting health before beauty, but showing your children that this is “real” life and this is how a woman looks and feels about herself. I follow you on Facebook and was so disgusted by the negative comments people threw at this video. You are to be praised, not belittled. Those individuals are the ones that have made the world shun women for having anything other than that magazine/photoshopped body! Please keep doing what you are doing! You are helping people like me, who have dealt with eating disorders and poor self image their whole lives. Thank you for being my reminder everyday that I am ok! My children smile up at me as yours do, and it freezes time for a moment long enough to realize that happiness is not how we look…happiness is our family and the life we have created!

    Maura Watson

    • I love your reply Maura. I too had an eating disorder most of my life and still struggle with body image. But it is getting better. I’m not at Taryn’s level of body love, but some days I feel ok, whereas before I never felt ok. It’s a struggle, but it helps to hear others’ stories and see others feel ok about having one boob for example or being just “average” which is special too. Keep trying. You are doing better every day. Thanks to Taryn for her grand efforts, we support you unconditionally.

  • rachel g

    AWESOME – thank you x

  • Carina Ekström

    My name is Carina and is a sexologist, I work extensively to strengthen children and young people in their sexuality and to be strong in their own bodies and love themselves. Unfortunately begin our habitual perception in early years and it is difficult to dare to be her unique self. I therefore want to really pay tribute to what you do and wonder if we can somehow work together and spread the message about loving yourself and your body worldwide. I would think it would be great to connect with you. I am currently starting a project about condom use, and to be good and important role models for children and young people. I feel just like you that we adults must lead by example and show that we are all unique beings and good enough as we are, and above all it is about to be unique that makes us important on earth. Good luck with your campaign and great love and respect to you from me, and Sweden.